P1 - Poster Session

Date: Wednesday, 21 November

Hour: 12:00 - 13:30

Location: Building C, Hall.

Chairperson: António Teixeira.

P1-1: Enhanced Amharic Speech Recognition System, Abraham Zewoudie and Sebsbie Hailemariam

P1-2: Audio Encoding for Heart and Breath Sounds Acquired with Digital Stethoscope, Ignacio Palacios Santos,  Doroteo Torre Toledano, and Andrés Martínez Fernández 

P1-3: Morphological Processing of a Dynamic Compressive Gammachirp Filterbank for Automatic Speech Recognition, Joyner Cadore, Carmen Peláez-Moreno, and Ascensión Gallardo Antolín

P1-4: Manipulation of Unvoiced Fricatives for Improved Discrimination by Hearing Impaired, Rami Cohen, Oren Ierushalmi, Yizhar Lavner, Michal Genussov, and Ami Steiner

P1-5: Multiclass Pitch Accent Classification for Assisting Manual Prosodic Labeling, David Escudero Mancebo , Francisco Vicaíno-Ortega, César González-Ferreras, Carlos Vivaracho-Pascual, Mercedes Cabrera-Abreu, Eva Estebas-Vilaplana, and Valentín Cardeñoso Payo

P1-6: Language Identification based on a Discriminative Text Categorization Technique, Miguel Caraballo, Ricardo de Cordoba Herralde, Luis D'Haro, Rubén San-Segundo and José Pardo

P1-7: Binary Position Assignment of Two Known Simultaneous Acoustic Sources, Rupayan Chakraborty, Climent Nadeu Camprubi, and Taras Butko

P1-8: Emotions recognition using binary fingerprints, Xavier Anguera, Esperança Movellan, and Miquel Ferrarons

P1-9: Measuring Acoustic Reduction in Feature Space, Henrik Schulz, and José Adrián Rodríguez Fonollosa

P1-10: A preliminary approach to forensic speaker recognition using phonemes, Pedro Univaso, Miguel Martínez Soler, Diego Evin, and Jorge Gurlekian.

P1-11: Spectral Envelope Representation using Sums of Gaussians, Anderson Machado, Antonio Bonafonte Cávez, and Marcelo Queiroz

P1-12: Towards a Robust Dynamic Frequency Warping Text-Independent Voice Conversion System, Tudor-Cătălin Zorilă, Daniel Erro, Yannis Stylianou, and Inma Hernáez


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