O1 - Oral Session: Speaker Characterization
  and Recognition

Date: Wednesday 21 November

Hour: 9:00 - 10:40

Location: Building C, Sala de Grados.

Chairperson: Luis Hernández Gómez.

O1-1: Reliability Estimation of the Speaker Verification Decisions Using Bayesian Networks to Combine Information from Multiple Speech Quality Measures, Jesus Villalba, Eduardo Lleida Solano, Alfonso Ortega Giménez, and Antonio Miguel Artiaga 

O1-2: On the use of Total Variability and Probabilistic Linear Discriminant Analysis for Speaker Verification on Short Utterances, Javier González Domínguez, Rubén Zazo, and Joaquin González-Rodríguez 

O1-3: Cepstral Trajectories in Linguistic Units for Text-Independent Speaker Recognition, Javier Franco Pedroso, Fernando Espinoza, and Joaquin González-Rodríguez

O1-4: Improving the Quality of Standard GMM-based Voice Conversion Systems by Considering Physically Motivated Linear Transformations, Tudor-Cătălin Zorilă, Daniel Erro Eslava, and Inma Hernaez Rioja

O1-5: Evaluation of a New Beam-Search Formant Tracking Algorithm in Noisy Environments, Dayana Ribas Gonzalez, Jose Enrique Garcia Lainez, Antonio Miguel Artiaga, Alfonso Ortega Giménez, Eduardo Lleida Solano, and Jose Ramon Calvo de Lara

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