IberSPEECH2012 Best Ph.D. Thesis Award sponsored by Google Logo


This award recognizes the best of emerging academic work on processing of the Iberian languages and related issues, concluded in the three years preceding the submission deadline.

Award: Best PhD Dissertation Award.

It will consist of:

•An award certificate

•A gift valuated on 200-300 € approx.


Submission Criteria and Procedure:

1. Eligible entrants are those candidates who have successfully defended their dissertations in the three years preceding the submission deadline. A letter from the primary dissertation advisor must be submitted with the extended abstract (see number 3.), stating that the candidate meets this eligibility criterion.

2. The dissertation must focus on some aspect of processing of any of the Iberian languages and related issues. In general, any topic that falls within the scope of IberSPEECH2012 Call for papers is appropriate.

3. Each entry should be in the form of an extended abstract that includes the nature of the problem to be researched, relevant theory, hypotheses to be tested, method, analysis, and indicative references.

4. The extended abstract must be written in English (even if the thesis is written in another language). Authors must use the same style of the IberSPEECH2012 conference following the regular IberSPEECH2012 paper submission guidelines. The documents will be included in IberSPEECH2012 proceedings. A web link to the PhD thesis text can also be provided.

5. The letter from the primary dissertation advisor must be sent by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Acknowledgment of reception will be sent by email.

6. Members of the award evaluation committee and their students are excluded from the IberSPEECH2012 PhD  Award.

7. Accepted candidates must prepare a poster to be presented at a special session. 


Important Dates:

September 7, 2012 - Submission deadline. >> Extended to September 24

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